The World Is In Chaos…

Today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. So much is happening, and so many of those things are bad. With all the news on the internet and the tv about bin Ladens death, and the people celebrating. To me it seems so wrong, and when I see the people jumping and cheering it makes me wonder what kind of people can celebrate a death. I know this was a horrible man, and I know he did terrible things, but to stand there and celebrate his death is not something I could ever do.

6-year-old Girl Chasing Ball Killed by Hit-and-Run DriverThen I see a story about a little girl getting hit in front of her home two nights ago and dying while the driver sped off. This little girl who has such a sweet and innocent face, playing at almost 10pm with a ball, then chasing it into the street where she was struck. Why was this little girl outside so late at night, and with a ball? Don’t we all know the dangers of a child playing in a street with a ball? Her death was so unavoidable, and yet this 6 year old baby is no longer with us while the person who killed her is still at large.

Then there is the guy who just just got sentenced to over 30 years in prison for beating his girlfriends 2 year old boy to death. He struck him in the abdomen so hard that the baby passed out and they were never able to revive him. A two year old is just a tiny baby, why in the world would anyone ever feel the need to hurt a little baby like that?

This is the reason why I try never to watch the news or log into my favorite news website. It seems all there is to read and see is such sad stories. Stories about how we human beings can turn into animals and commit such horrible acts. Life is already hard enough as it is, especially in these troubled economical times, and I never understand why some people do what they do to others. Instead of all of us working for a better tomorrow, it’s like we are working to cut each other down.


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  1. Michele

    I agree totally with the above sentiments–I have also stopped watching or listening to the news. I can no longer bear to hear stories like the above.

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