Pan Dulce Emergency …

My favorite dinner or breakfast is Pan Dulce y cafe con leche and today I have been craving some all day. Unfortunately the little town that we live with has no “REAL” pan dulce to speak of. There is the Mexican market and they do have pan dulce but it is not good, not even okay. Then there is the one tiny little shop that is in the next town where a piece of pan will cost you about a buck a piece. This is pretty expensive, I have been buying pan dulce all my life and usually get 3 pieces for a dollar. Remember, we are a family of 10 and we each need at least 2 pieces of bread to make it a real meal, so I can not pay one dollar per piece. I would end up paying over 20 bucks for bread…gimme a break! 

Oh what I wouldn’t do for a nice sweet cuerno, or maybe a chocolate concha with some hot cafe con leche! I would also love an empanada de calabaza. Have you ever tried those? The store I mentioned above has some really good ones, that are about $1.60 a piece and made with wheat flour. They are so yummy and soft and the filling is just right. I could have one of those every day, if only they weren’t so expensive and far away. I guess I am going to have to keep craving…and craving some more. At least until I completely break down and tell BF to rush me down there to get some. Have you ever had an empanada emergency? I seem to have them all the time. It’s no wonder I have gained like 60 pounds in two years!


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