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Pan Dulce Emergency …

My favorite dinner or breakfast is Pan Dulce y cafe con leche and today I have been craving some all day. Unfortunately the little town that we live with has no “REAL” pan dulce to speak of. There is the Mexican market and they do have pan dulce but it is not good, not even okay. Then there is the one tiny little shop that is in the next town where a piece of pan will cost you about a buck a piece. This is pretty expensive, I have been buying pan dulce all my life and usually get 3 pieces for a dollar. Remember, we are a family of 10 and we each need at least 2 pieces of bread to make it a real meal, so I can not pay one dollar per piece. I would end up paying over 20 bucks for bread…gimme a break! 

Oh what I wouldn’t do for a nice sweet cuerno, or maybe a chocolate concha with some hot cafe con leche! I would also love an empanada de calabaza. Have you ever tried those? The store I mentioned above has some really good ones, that are about $1.60 a piece and made with wheat flour. They are so yummy and soft and the filling is just right. I could have one of those every day, if only they weren’t so expensive and far away. I guess I am going to have to keep craving…and craving some more. At least until I completely break down and tell BF to rush me down there to get some. Have you ever had an empanada emergency? I seem to have them all the time. It’s no wonder I have gained like 60 pounds in two years!


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Is The Kindle Latino Friendly?

I am in LOVE with my Kindle and even though I have only had it since February it already has 150 books/games loaded on it. I had originally asked for the Nook and was a bit bummed when BF got me this instead but now I am now completely happy with it because of all the freebies and super affordable titles I have gotten from Amazon. My only problem with Amazon and the Kindle though is the utter lack of quality Spanish books. My BF has the Kindle app on his Blackberry and is now even talking about buying himself the lower priced Kindle. But in my opinion, if you consider the amount of titles that are available in Spanish, it would not be worth it at all.

Right after he downloaded his app I decided to buy him his first book and I am not lying when I tell you that it took me over an hour to find one that I felt was semi-decent. If you look at the numbers that Amazon carries it is 9,554 books in Spanish, however as I was scrolling though the titles most of the books I found were not titles I would ever read and that I knew he would not enjoy. Some books seem completely old fashioned and a lot (too many in my eyes) were bibles or religious titles. There is also an extreme amount of what I would almost call PORN, with pictures on the cover of half naked men and women. Not that there is anything wrong with that I guess, if that is what floats your boat then go for it, but what happens when all you want to read is a good suspense novel. Where are the Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Patterson’s of the Spanish speaking world?? Or why are there not enough translations in stock?? La Diosa perdida (Spanish Edition)

After what felt like forever I finally found what sounded like a nice suspenseful read for him, La Diosa Perdida. At only $2.99 it was a really great value and I hope he does enjoy it. Still I am not looking forward to the search for the next title once he finishes this one and until we start seeing more quality titles in Spanish I will not recommend that he buy his own device. I wonder if Amazon even knows how much business they are losing by not providing a larger Spanish library.

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It’s Time~ 1/2 off Frappuccinos at Starbucks ~!


It’s time! Starbucks is offering 1/2 off Frappuccinos during their afternoon Happy Hour 3-5 p.m. From May 6, 2011 to May 15, 2011. We are not going to make it today, but plan on being there tomorrow and Sunday! Now we can enjoy Starbuck’s more often, at least while this promotion runs.

Happy Frapping!

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The World Is In Chaos…

Today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. So much is happening, and so many of those things are bad. With all the news on the internet and the tv about bin Ladens death, and the people celebrating. To me it seems so wrong, and when I see the people jumping and cheering it makes me wonder what kind of people can celebrate a death. I know this was a horrible man, and I know he did terrible things, but to stand there and celebrate his death is not something I could ever do.

6-year-old Girl Chasing Ball Killed by Hit-and-Run DriverThen I see a story about a little girl getting hit in front of her home two nights ago and dying while the driver sped off. This little girl who has such a sweet and innocent face, playing at almost 10pm with a ball, then chasing it into the street where she was struck. Why was this little girl outside so late at night, and with a ball? Don’t we all know the dangers of a child playing in a street with a ball? Her death was so unavoidable, and yet this 6 year old baby is no longer with us while the person who killed her is still at large.

Then there is the guy who just just got sentenced to over 30 years in prison for beating his girlfriends 2 year old boy to death. He struck him in the abdomen so hard that the baby passed out and they were never able to revive him. A two year old is just a tiny baby, why in the world would anyone ever feel the need to hurt a little baby like that?

This is the reason why I try never to watch the news or log into my favorite news website. It seems all there is to read and see is such sad stories. Stories about how we human beings can turn into animals and commit such horrible acts. Life is already hard enough as it is, especially in these troubled economical times, and I never understand why some people do what they do to others. Instead of all of us working for a better tomorrow, it’s like we are working to cut each other down.

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Moving to Self-Hosted WordPress….HOW?

This poor blog has been sitting here until I find out how to move it over to self-hosted wordpress. Once we saw the charges that you can pay here to get a domain and upgrade we decided we might as well host it elsewhere so we can get the very hand GFC followers widget and some other stuff on it that we can’t use right now.

How?? Is the question of the hour…how in the world does one self-host. Our other blogs are on blogger so I have never had to worry about this, but we want to get this one situated before we do more posting and before we can begin to promote it.

It’s a busy day for me…full of doctors and school appointments but by this weekend I have to take time to look around for a how-to guide or maybe look into hiring someone to do the move. This is not exactly fun 😦


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Earth Day Tips for Being GREENER ~!

Happy Earth Day!

If anything today is a day to think about what little things we can change in our life to help save our earth. It’s not always about BIG changes you know, if we could all do a few things here and there imagine how BIG an impact that would be.

Here are some things that you can do that will make a big difference.

Lower your water usage:  This is such an easy one! Simply turn off the tap people, I hate walking in my kitchen and seeing my kids washing the dishes with the water on full blast. Or when my daughter puts her 3 year old to play in the shower for 20-30! What??? Get her in the shower and get her out, I say and that’s really how it has to be, no one needs to shower for hours at a time…really. During teeth brushing time turn off the tap while you brush and make everyone else around you do the same. I am the crazy lady around here that goes around turning off the tap while people are using it, but hey, not only am I conserving water,  I am going to be paying a much smaller water bill!

Go Paperless: While it’s impossible to go completely paperless you can cut back in a lot of different ways. Get bills and bank statements sent online, sometimes you even get a small credit from a company for starting this service. Another great way to save paper is by cutting back on the paper towel usage. My girls love to clean with paper towels and can go through roll after roll of it. Instead I purchased a nice little stack of cleaning cloths from Wal Mart for only $5. Now they use these for all the dusting and cleaning and then we throw them in the wash. I also get all the old t-shirts that are usually going to the trash and cut them up to use for the really messy clean ups.

Recycle: Newspapers, plastics, aluminum. Put it all in the recycle bin. Some people even make a lot of extra money by taking these items in to recycling centers, for us that would be to heavy so instead we just put it all into our bin and it gets picked up once a week.

Buy a Reusable Water Bottle: This was a hard one for us, this goes back to the laziness factor. After all it is so much easier to throw away a plastic bottle than to wash a reusable one BUT it’s a rule I had to implement. Now everyone has a water bottle that they have to refill through the day and when they go out.

Walk: My BF drives hundreds of miles per week for work reasons so on Friday nights, which is our weekly trip to McDonalds with the kiddies we walk. It’s about a 35 minute walk and we always go out at about 6 which is such a nice time to be out. We get to smell the fresh air, exercise and the pleasant walk back and forth leaves the kids ready for bedtime right after the shower.

There are so many other things that can be done that are not feasable for us for some reason or another, but while we can not do them there might be a few that you can.

Buy in Bulk: When purchasing from stores like Cost co you reduce packaging plus trips to the store.

Line Dry: Ditch the drier and put your clothes on a line to dry.  This is good for your clothes too, they will look great longer.

Purchase fresh foods instead of canned: If there is a farmers market in your area this is a great one. Plus fresh fruits and veggies are so much more delicious than anything canned.

Plant a vegetable Garden: Would love to try this one day!

These are my tips for you and for all of us this Earth Day…what tips do you have that you can share with us ?

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Love Books? You Must Read This ~!

Are you a book lover? I sure am and tonight while doing some blog surfing I bumped into the most amazing blog hop ever. Hosted by I am a Reader Not a Writer & Once Upon a Twilight, this hop has 223 participating blogs and everything is geared around books and reading!! A lot of blogs are giving away books plus a lot of them are also giving away gift cards for, Barnes & Noble and The Book Depository. Amazing is all I can say, I have spent the last hour running down the list and entering all the ones that have prizes I want to win.

The best part about this hop is that its super fast, some blogs only have one entry and at the most there is 3. So it’s super fast, just get in there hit the follow button or whatever the mandatory requirement is and go on to the next one. Hop runs until the 25th and all winners will be announced on the 26th.

If you love books, I suggest you get on over there

and enter some giveaways !

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